Ritual: Secrets of the dead sea

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The Dead Sea Mud has many properties, and we think that joining it to the benefits of our Arab Baths would be ideal. That's why we created the Dead Sea Mud Treatment with this natural and organic ingredient.

We always start with an hour of bathing in our circuit. In the three pools (warm, hot and cold) your body and your mind will relax, accompanying the rhythm of the ambient music and the light of the candles. This contrast circuit has many benefits both for your skin, which will eliminate dead cells, opening pores and improving circulation, as well as for the mind, since by relaxing muscles too, you will find yourself in a state of ideal calm.

You will then go to the Hammam, room where your exclusive Dead Sea Mud treatment begins. Our masseuses will cleanse your skin with the Savon Noir, and with the Kessa glove they will drag all the dead cells so that you can receive the mask and nourish the skin to its full potential. All the benefits of this mask are here:

Properties of Dead Sea Mud:

  1. Nourishes the skin:Thanks to all the minerals and elements it provides, it hydrates the skin giving it a younger appearance, it is a perfect anti-wrinkle if you have dry skin.
  2. Eliminates impurities and reduces oily skin: Prevents the formation of blackheads and acne, since it has a lot of zinc.
  3. It helps reduce cellulite and sagging. Another of its properties is that it stimulates circulation and also tones the skin.
  4. It also serves for other skin conditions, such as psoriasis or dermatitis and is anti-inflammatory (ideal to improve rheumatism and arthritis). 

After your skin has absorbed all these benefits, we went to a manual half and hour massage, with relaxing essential oils that leaves you almost literally floating back home.

Enjoy the Dead Sea Mud Treatment or give it to someone special. An experience of distant places very close to you!