Love ritual

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The Love Ritual is a treatment that has more and more followers.

Imagine more than 4 hours of relaxation, professionals taking care of you and your partner, having everything without effort. That they treat you like a queen dwells, or like a sultan. It sounds quite appetizing, right?

That is the experience that we want you to feel in the Love Ritual. To disconnect in depth you have four hours of exclusive care ahead.

We start with an hour of bath of contrasts, so that you relax the body, calm your mind and prepare your skin for everything you will experience in the Love Ritual:

  • We always recommend starting with the warm pool, so you can disconnect from the routine and focus on yourself.
  • Then, go to the hot pool. It will open your pores to eliminate what is left over, and it will make you relax much more. Close your eyes and enjoy: It's your moment.
  • The last is the cold pool. It really does not have such a cold temperature, but if you come from the hot pool you will notice more contrast. It will stimulate your entire nervous system, increase mood and heart rate.

Alternating between hot and cold pool is recommended, as it helps you relax not only mentally but also helps with muscle problems and joints.

After the time of the Bath, and in the Hammam, our private space for two, you will enjoy first the cleaning of the Savon noir or black soap, made with oil and eucalyptus and then a peeling with the traditional Kessa glove. It will leave the skin clean and prepared for what is coming.

The next step is the body and face mask. And another detail special for Love Ritual: you can choose the mask that you like the most between the Andalusi Bath, Chocolate, Aloe Vera or Dead Sea Mud. Any of them is a master choice, since we select the best natural ingredients so that your skin absorbs all the properties.

Once the skin is renewed and hydrated, you will enjoy an hour of stone massage at hot and cold temperatures. We will place stones in seven points along your column, in the so-called Chakras, as well as in other parts of the body. Not only that, we will also give you a massage in which, instead of the hands, we will use these same stones, so they provoke different sensations.

When you leave, renewed from your treatment, maybe you feel hungry. What about enjoy a Persian, Sailor or Iberian menu that will delight your palate, either during lunch or dinner? To end up, a glass of cava with the best view in the city; the Cathedral of Jerez.

It is definitely a unique experience that we should all try at least once in a lifetime. Enjoy the moment with your partner through the Ritual of Love in our Arabic baths Hammam Andalusi in Jerez. A moment that will stay engraved in your retinas. A memory for life.