Bath & Hot Stones Massage (1h)

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Stone massage is one of the favorite massages of those who try it, no wonder.

The stones or volcanic rocks used are normally basalt, very rich in iron. This is important because the hot stones release the heat in a much slower way, thus facilitating the relaxation of the body.

The Bath and Stone Massage session lasts two hours in total. First, you enjoy one hour of bath, to relax your mind and the tensions of your body. The circuit consists of moving from one pool to another and benefit from the changes in temperature.

It begins in the temperate to get used to the body, leaving you to take the calm, the light of the candles and the music in the environment.The second is hot, which helps open pores, eliminate toxins and relax the muscles. The cold should be the last and will stimulate your entire nervous system while increasing your heart rate. In addition, it keeps the skin glowing and increases mood.If you want to know more about the benefits of the arabic baths, clic here

As in all our sessions, you have at your disposal a mint tea in the lounge to keep you well hydrated.

In stone massage we also have temperature contrast. Hot stones relax tensions, improves circulation and cold stones have an anti-inflammatory function. The origin comes from the East, specifically from the knowledge of Reiki. Stone massage has a lot to do with the well-known Chakras, they are 7 points along the spine where it is believed that both universal and vital energy flow. When we have some pain, discomfort or stress, it is believed that it is because one of our chakras is blocked. To release them along the column these stones are applied. In the massage of stones not only these are placed along the body (back, arms, hands, legs, feet); simultaneously, a massage is given in which our professionals carry the stones in their hands, so you will notice a different pressure.

Benefits of stone massage:

  1. Reduce pain: The points where the stones are supported are points that act as conductors of the nervous system and warn of pain.
  2. Eliminate toxins: Hot stones facilitate sweating and with it the elimination of toxins.
  3. Improve circulation: Thanks to the different temperatures of the stones.
  4. Reduce stress: By pressing the chakras, they unlock the stress points, in addition to the contrast of temperatures.
  5. Improves neck and back pain: Thanks to massage with stones, a greater and more effective pressure is exerted.

If you want to live a unique experience for your body in an environment of wellness and exclusivity, come and try the Stones Massage. Every minute is worth it!