Bath and Massage 45 minutes

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Imagine a session of two hours in total. Your body floating in the pool, you close your eyes and you only listen to a soft music from warm exotic countries. You open them and the light of the candles envelops you.
You go to the rest room and you have a mint tea, prepared with love in the Moroccan way to hydrate a little. We make you go to the rest room.
And then, you enjoy a relaxing massage all over your body, hands that wrap around you and relax your muscles. Your tensions, the routine, do not exist here, they stayed at the door so you can enjoy a totally recommendable experience.
This is what you will experience if you come to enjoy a 45 minute bath and massage. Two hours of calm, of taking care of yourself, of enjoying it with whoever you want. Or give it away to whoever deserves it.

The benefits of Arab baths and relaxing massages are so many that we have prepared a small list so you can get to know us a little more.

Benefits of the Arab Baths:

  • It facilitates the dissolving of fat deposits.
  • The warm pool helps you to relax, to disconnect from the routine. You are investing in yourself and your health. Enjoy it.
  • The hot pool helps open the pores of the skin, which makes it possible to eliminate accumulated toxins and impurities.
  • The cold pool also helps increase the heart rate and stimulates the entire nervous system.The alternation of hot and cold water helps joint problems and muscle problems.
  • For people with respiratory problems this circuit are very good, because the airways are moistened thanks to the water vapor found in the circuit.
  • In any case, like any health measure, we recommend that if you are pregnant or suffer from hypertension or any illness you tell us about it, in order to recommend the correct use of the Arab baths for you and to make the most of its benefits.
Benefits of Relaxing Massages:
  • It helps with blood circulation.
  • Improves the circulation of the lymphatic system.
  • Improves the absorption of nutrients in the muscles.
  • Removes dead skin from the surface.
  • Increase metabolism.
  • It enhances sleep quality.
  • Reduce stress.
  • Reduces depression and anxiety.
  • Improve mental activity.
As always, in the online shopping process you can write the name of the person you want give the Voucher and a dedication (if it is a gift). We will send you your Gift Voucher in a pdf format you have to print, where you will find all the necessary information. It is valid for one year from the moment you buy it (unless otherwise specified), so you can come when you need it the most.
Come and enjoy your bath with a 45-minute massage in Hammam Andalusi Arab Baths in Jerez and experience it first-hand!