Bath with 30 minutes Massage and Aromatherapy

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The Arab Baths in our history have been more than swimming pools, more than simple hygiene. The baths were considered important places where social life passed.
Today, we are resuming this importance to calm our spirit and keep it away from the busy routine, at least for a while. If you have never enjoyed the Arab Baths, read on. It is not easy to transfer everything that this experience means, but we are going to try it.
What we intend once you enter the door of our facilities is that you change your mind completely. Here there is no rush. You will notice it for the ambient music that surrounds you, for the scent that evokes exotic places and for the exquisite decoration that surrounds you. We will explain you how we work in the reception desk and you can choose your aromatherapy oil to gets an extra sensation during the massage (relaxing oil, sensual woman, sensual man, circulation...)
You've gone through the locker room, left your cell phone, your watch and other belongings. Now you only have your swimsuit or bikini, and a towel. You do not need more.
You will see that we have three pools in the Arab Baths. Each one has a function, known for centuries. Live them.
  • Enter the warm pool and relax for a few minutes. Its main function is this: that you give up all worry and focus on enjoying.
  • Go to the hot pool. The contrast is noticeable. In addition to relaxing even more, this pool will open your pores, relax your muscles and eliminate toxins.
  • Now it's the turn of the cold pool. The temperature change here is more shocking, but more so than the cold water temperature, it's because you come from the hot pool. You should not skip it, even if you're tempted to do it. The cold pool improves your mood, activates circulation and stimulates the nervous system.
  • Once you make the complete tour several times (warm, hot or cold) you should only alternate between cold and hot pool to improve the results of body and mental relaxation. The time you spend in each of them will tell your body.
  • The masseuse will call you using your name to takes you to the massage room, and will use the Aromatherapy oil you have already choose at the reception desk.
To keep you hydrated we serve you a traditional Moroccan tea, which is none other than green tea with mint, in the rest room.
In any case, we recommend as always that, if you are pregnant or suffer from any disease that we should know, please inform us to give you the guidelines appropriate in your case.
You will be call for the complete body massage during the session. It will be your best invested 30 minutes. Close your eyes and relax. You will notice how the masseuse can takes all the stress from you with the help of the Aromatherapy.
Enjoy the Arab Baths of Jerez. Feel the calm, close your eyes and live the present. An experience to live, at least once in a lifetime. We will wait for you!