Bath with 15 minutes Massage and Aromatherapy

42,00 €

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The bath and massage of 15 minutes with aromatherapy is one of our most demanded services. In total, an hour and a half to disconnect from the routine and enjoy the moment.

First, you spend some time in the circuit of the Baths and our masseurs will call you when it is your turn to enjoy your massage, throughout the session. You are here just to enjoy, to forget everything and relax.

Live the circuit of the three pools calmly:

Enter the warm pool. Your goal is to start with something soft, to go rocking so you can close your eyes, listen to the music and let yourself be enveloped by the light of the candles.

Go to the hot pool. Water at this temperature has benefits such as eliminating toxins that do not work, opening pores and relaxing the nervous system.

In the cold pool you will find a greater contrast. Although it is not at an excessively low temperature, if you come from the hot pool it is natural to notice that contrast. In fact, it's good. The cold pool will improve your mood and the shine of your skin. It stimulates your nervous system in addition.

This last contrast between cold and hot pool should be done several times to obtain as a result, apart from the above mentioned, a mental relaxation from physics, since the change causes the muscles and joints to relax.

In the 15-minute bath and massage you will also have Moroccan tea, or mint tea, available in the rest room, which will delight everyone and encourage your hydration while you pause at one of the benches. Our masseuses will guide you to the massage room, and you will enjoy a relaxing massage on the back and legs during the best 15 minutes of the world. If you close your eyes and leave your body relaxed, the maneuvers will fit you so well that you will never want to get off the stretcher ever. With Aromatherapy the massage will be nicer. You have a mixture of essential oils carefully combined that improves the massage with the aroma. 


So much to give away as to live it in first person, the bath and massage of 15 minutes with Aromatherapy in Hammam Andalusí is such a success. Come for yours! From the Arab Baths Hammam Andalusi you comes out renovated.