Chocolate Bath

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Who doesn't like chocolate? From kids to adults, we all love it! 

Prepare your day in Jerez with a very sweet experience, maybe before a dinner. It sounds appetizing, right?

But to obtain all the benefits from chocolate first you need to surrender to the traditional arabic ritual. 

  • Prepare your skin with one hour of arabic baths. You can enjoy a 3 pool contrast circuit (warm, hot and cold) to release all the tensions accumulated by the routine and activate your circulation. 
  • Then, the masseurs will call you to get into the hammam room ( a private room for two and the masseurs) where you will be soaped up using savon noir (a soap typical from Morroco made with olive oil and eucalyptus). 
  • Once your skin is completely clean, enjoy a full body exfoliation and feel your skin breathe again. 
  • Now it is the time. You will be covered by a special chocolate that smells fantastic and you will be alone at the hammam few minutes (just with candle lights) to be conscient of this moment and to allow your skin obtain all the benefits of the body mask, as: 
  1. Relaxation and well-being: It takes you to a good mood and calm your nervous system.
  2. Nourishes and moisturized the skin: Due to its high vitamins and minerals content. 
  3. It flavors the blood circulation. 
  4. It's antioxidant, that is, it erases wrinkles and tone the skin. 
  5. It smells great!


Once the masseurs clean your skin from the mask, you can have a morocan tea in the lounge before we call you to the massage room. End the experience with a relaxing 30 minutes massage with aromatherapy. 

By this time, you will feel on cloud nine. So if you want surprise your loved one, this could be a...delicious idea!