Andalusian and Hot Argan Oil Bath

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The Andalusi Bath, although it does not seem possible, increases the level and becomes Andalusi Treatment with Argan Oil. The treatment starts like all special treatments.

The formula of success, the secret of wellbeing, always begins with an hour in the circuit of contrasts of our Arab Baths. The pools and their temperature changes (warm, hot and cold) will make your muscles forget the accumulated daily tensions, and your mind will focus on the present, in this little paradise.

You will have lost the notion of time when we will invite you to visit our Hammam, the most intimate stay of the baths and where we recreate the typical treatments of Morocco. We start lathering gently with our Savon Noir (the most traditional black soap) and rinse to continue the exfoliation of the entire body with the help of our Kessa glove, dragging dead cells and leaving your skin ready for the mask. We will gently wrap you in the most natural and soft clay you have ever tasted, which we describe below:  

  1. It is suitable for all skin types: Fats, sensitive, allergic or skins with psoriasis.
  2. It is a totally natural and organic product.
  3. It contains only minerals, vitamins, oligo-elements ... Nothing processed or chemical.
  4. Its foaming effect makes the skin absorb it easily to its deepest layers.
  5. Cleans and gently exfoliates the skin, without harming the natural fat layer we have.
  6. It can absorb twice its weight in water, so if you have an excess of fat or acne it is ideal.
  7. Revitalizes the skin since it cleans it of everything that is left over and provides elasticity and nutrients.  

To improve the result, on the face we will extend the most suitable clay according to your skin type. We let it sit for a few minutes so that it absorbs all its properties on your face and body and once rinsed, you can hydrate yourself by drinking a Moroccan mint tea in the rest room.

Then, the better end in the massage room. Here half an hour of a sedative and deep massage awaits you in the whole body, with Argan oil, another exclusive treasure of Morocco. Of the best quality that exists, our argan oil has these properties:


  1. It is very moisturizing for the skin due to the large amount of Vitamin E it has.
  2. It has high antioxidant power, ideal for the fight against aging thanks to tocopherols.
  3. Helps protect the skin from free radicals It serves to regenerate the skin in case of redness or eczema, reducing dandruff and itching, hydrating it more.
  4. Close the open ends of your hair
  5. Regenerates the skin against the eternal aggressions.
  6. The nails become stronger.
  7. It is antifungal (protects against fungi).
  8. It is bactericidal.  

Andalusí treatment with Argan oil. At this point, we assume you want to memorize this name to give it away or to enjoy in person all the sensations that await you.