Feria del Caballo 2019 or Feria de Jerez

The Feria del Caballo (Horse Fair) is one of the most important events in Jerez, with Semana Santa or Christmas time.

It is internationally famous because during Feria the wine, the purebred horses, the flamenco and the joy stay in just one place: Jerez de la Frontera.  You must live this experience. Happiness, vibrant colors, music…celebrating life.

This year, the Feria del Caballo 2019 starts on Saturday 11 May and end Saturday 18th May. It is celebrated in a park called Parque González Hontoria. 


How to go to the Feria de Jerez?

If you are staying in Jerez it is very easy. Even if you have your own car or a rented car, we recommend you to go walking or take a bus. There are a lot of special busses from every corner of the city, with a huge schedule so it is very confortable to get it. You also have taxis available but during the night is more difficult to get one to go home, a queue is always formed. 

The public transportation is especially safe during these days, so you can have a glass or two of wine with responsibility. 

If you are staying out of Jerez you can have your own car and park it in special cheap parkings around the Real of the Fair. If not, you can take a bus or a train from the place you are staying. 


What is the origin of the Fair?

This is a very old tradition. It started as a medieval fair in which merchants from northern Europe and other regions came to buy purebred horses and high quality wine among other goods.  Over the years, leisure activities were added for the entire population, and become more and more popular. At the end, the market was disappearing but the festive character reminded.


Why it is called Feria del Caballo?

Feria del Caballo means Horse Fair and it is especially related to horses, so you will see every day a beautiful horses parade and carriages along the Paseo and of course, few activities during the week.


Go to the Feria along the day or in the evening?

Some of young people usually rest during the day and go out to have dinner and dance all night, but to really enjoy Feria, we recommend you to start around 2 pm to eat something and then, enjoy every second and have fun.

There are 188 “casetas” (a kind of house-tent, each one decorated different, wishing to win the first prize in decoration) so you can see that the park Gonzales Hontoria, the place where the Feria is located, is very big. You can take a walk and eat something in one caseta, then see a flamenco show in another…and have a good time joining the party!

Most of the “casetas” put flamenco music on but few of them are also about Spanish music or modern music (especially for young people).


What else can I do in Jerez during Feria?

If you have enough Feria, you can also enjoy other activities in Jerez or surroundings. You can go to the beach; the closes is in El Puerto de Santa María, but you can visit another ones, more sauvages and beautiful like in Tarifa or Conil...Visit a winery here in Jerez (González Byass, Fundador, Sandeman, Tradición, Williams&Humbert...); apart from a nice tasting at the end of the circuit, you will learn about this especial way to old wine, very different from other regions. If you love horses, you can see the Horse Show in Real Escuela de Arte Ecuestre or in Yeguada de la Cartuja. See a flamenco show in one of the old Tabancos in the old town, wander around to discover churches and palaces or relax pumpering yourself with a bath and massage in our Arabic Baths (we are open from 10am to 10pm everyday).


Whatever you decide, we hope you enjoy your time in Jerez de la Frontera  and in the Feria del Caballo. 

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