Do you want to enjoy a lovely night with your partner or friends in the most peculiar place? Do you want to hide away but you have no time for a big travel adventure?

We propose you to enjoy a great time this August. Come to relax with baths and massages and later, have a nice cocktail dinner in our rooftop. 

We propose you Friday 10th August. You can choose one of these options: 

-Bath + 15 min massage + dinner: 55€ per person. 

-Bath + 30 min massage + dinner: 75€ per person. 

-Bath + 45 min massage + dinner: 91€ per person. 


If you prefer, you can enjoy Baths and massages later another day. The gift voucher has, as always, 1 year of validity to book, so you do not have to come to bath the same day the dinner will be celebrated. 

-Limited space. 

-Cancellation or refound not possible

-Gift certificate of bath and massage one year validity. 

-Certificate for dinner sould include name and ID number.

-If you buy the cetificates but at the end you have to cancel it, you can give it to another people to enjoy dinner but they should show an authorization signed and a copy of your ID. 




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